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The All Black Outfit

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A black outfit is our go-to for more reasons than one. All-black outfits camouflage and magically shrinks us. It is a color that does justice to all sizes.  An all-black outfit is considered timeless, it looks great on everyone, and putting those pieces together requires little to no effort.

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The success of a black outfit lies in the details. Your wardrobe’s trustiest basics can come to life with a classic black-jacket-and-trouser combo, and adding an unexpected accessory. Slip dresses and blazers are a style set formula that everyone should have. You can also wear an oversized blazer as a dress. The little black dress is a clichéd outfit but you can sport this look any day of the week. It’s effortless and easy to work with. You can choose between a side slit slip dress, a suave satin evening gown, or an empire cut sequin dress. Black works perfectly when you want to be a minimalist. But it works just as well when you want to add a tinge of grunge to your outfit.  A simple detail like red shoes can blend well to add an exciting splash color to your black outfit, without making it look all over the place. Remember there’s no such thing as owning too many black outfits. It’s one color that can look classic, edgy, or avant-garde. If you want to add a little more drama to an everyday look don’t forget to add a vintage piece to your outfit. Good luck!

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